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If you have a question about the sessions please feel free to contact us - although you may also find the answer in the section below...
Who can attend the sessions?


We run three age groups for boys and girls aged born between September 2015 and August 2019. More information on the split between the age groups and an overview of what they'll be doing can be found on our 'Age Groups' page.

How much does it cost?


We book our sessions through monthly subscription which works out at around £6 per session. The monthly subscription is £25.00.

How do I get a First Step Footy kit?


If you'd like to order a First Step Footy kit for your child please ask at the registration desk when you sign in. We offer kits in sizes 2-3, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 years. The kits are fitted so we suggest going a size up but the registration team will help you with this.

Can I have a free trial?


Yes, but only when the option is available. If the class is full you won't be able to book a trial. You are more than welcome to sign up or be placed on the waiting list. If your child doesn't get on with the session you can cancel your subscription.

What if my child doesn't like it?


Luckily we're confident they will and that's why we offer a money back guarantee. If your child doesn't like their first session we'll give you your money back. This means there's no risk if you've missed the trial sessions.

The sessions are full, what should I do?


If your class is full please add yourself onto the waiting list - this way you'll get all the updates including additional capacity in classes.

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Do I have to stay?


Yes, you'll have to stay throughout the session. We ask parent/carers to assist the coaches in the younger age groups and take your children to the toilet when required. 

Do I have to participate?


We ask parent/carers to assist their child in our younger age groups so they can gain a richer experience and progress quicker. Don't worry, we wont be asking you to show us your skills - you're just a guiding hand. As your child progresses through the block and age groups your assistance should be required less and less.

How many children will be in the group?


We have a maximum of 20 children working with 3/4 coaches in each age group. We tend to keep the same coaches with the same group throughout the block so you'll get to know them as well as the other children/parents in that block.

How do I cancel my subscription?


Send us an email by the 28th of the month (25th of the month in February) and we'll cancel your subscription. You can send this email at any time and your child will still be able to attend until the end of the month.

If you miss this deadline then we'll cancel your subscription for the following month and you'll be welcome at the next four sessions.


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